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To make web-connected systems more interoperable and integration activities more sustainable through the creation of domain-driven, open API standards and schemas for RESTful communication between systems.

The OSIRIS Alliance aims to promote interoperability and sustainability across the web without slowing down the pace of innovation or constraining one’s ability to innovate and develop capabilities. This is achieved by looking at system capabilities and integrations through a business functional lens, and focusing standardization on only the least common denominators between platforms, and packaging standards by business domain-driven function.

There are over 8000 different digital platforms on the market today and each of them speaks its own language — worse still, new platforms continue to launch with their own, new languages. This continued disparity in communication frameworks between platforms continues to reinforce barriers to entry for both new platform vendors and businesses looking to adopt new technologies, due to the increased costs and time to market for integration activities. Combined with the widespread issues of vendor lock-in across the space, these barriers to entry have resulted in limited competition across the space and the greater focus being placed on specific platforms rather than solutions to customer needs, even as the digital space continues to shift towards smaller, leaner, best-fit-for-purpose platforms.

The result of these issues is a digital space that, connected as it may appear from the outside, under the hood is completely disconnected and dependent on costly integration services to communicate. Today, developers spend substantial time and money creating integrations to translate one system’s communications so that it can be understood by another, and then they go and recreate the same integrations for a different language on the next project. This trend is completely unsustainable, and has resulted in trillions of dollars spent on repeatedly building the same integrations over and over again, the last 30 years. That spend has resulted in zero additional value to society or the advancement of the digital space, and it’s our mission to help platform vendors, implementation partners and businesses to refocus their investments on driving new innovation in the digital space, and to reduce the barriers to entry for new platforms and client businesses alike. 

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Zachary Kniebel

Zachary Kniebel


Principal technology consultant and digital solution architect with well-over a decade in the digital space

John West

John West


Former CTO and founder of Sitecore and long-time solution architect with over 20 years in the digital space

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Laptop showing a graphic of a connected digital ecosystem


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